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To place a bid at Antique & Collectors Corner Auction Ltd you can either bid in person, leave a “commission” bid, or bid online. This is how it works…


Come along between 9am-4pm every other Tuesday to view our current lots. Register to bid, place a commission bid, or simply take note of what you are interested in. Speak to our helpful team about the lots and enjoy our on-site cafe.


Open from 9am every other Wednesday, the auction will begin at 10am covering an average of 600 lots throughout the day. The cafe will be open throughout for refreshments, snacks, and lunch. Can’t make it? Don’t fret- you can bid online from home via the “sales room”. 

For the latest viewing and auction dates please see our “Calendar”.


Registering to bid

To bid in person you will need to register first. Once you are registered you will be issued a unique bidding number for bidding in-house.

Where can I register?

You can fill in a quick form at reception (name, address, and contact number). Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist you.

What do I need to register?

You will need to provide a valid form of identification that includes your current address.

How do I bid in person?

This is the fun part! During the sale, raise your paddle (with your unique bidding number on) to alert the auctioneer of your wish to bid.


I can’t attend the auction day, can I leave a bid?

If you are unable to attend a sale you may choose to leave a “commission bid”. This means that a member of our team will place a bid on your behalf.  We will endeavour to purchase a lot or lots at the lowest price possible against any other bids or reserves.

How do I leave a commission bid?

Commission bids can be left in person, by e-mail or telephone. Only persons registered with us may leave a commission bid (please see above for how to register). This is because we require your full name, postal address and phone number as well as the bid details.

You should give us the maximum Hammer Price you are prepared to pay. Please remember to take into account that the Buyer’s Premium and VAT will be charged in addition to the Hammer Price. The Buyers Premium is 15% of the Hammer Price, and 20% VAT will be applied to the The Buyers Premium. 

How does my bid get placed?

The auctioneer will carry out a commission bid on your behalf and endeavour to purchase a lot or lots at the lowest price possible against any other bids or reserves. In the instance of identical commission bids, the first bid placed will take precedence.

When can I leave a commission bid?

All commission bids must be placed BEFORE 9:50am on Auction day. Commission bids will not be taken after this time as the auction will then be in process. If you would like to bid from home, you can do so through the saleroom throughout the day. You can access the sale room via our “online bidding” page.


“I won! Hooray! Now how do I get my lot?” …

Paying for won lots.

All won lots must be paid for and collected by 4pm the day after the auction. This includes all bids won online.

How do I collect my lot on auction day?

Our helpful team will be on hand throughout the auction to assist you. Once your winning bid has been processed then our staff will collect your won lots and help you transport them to your vehicle should you need assistance. Please allow at least 15 minutes to pass after you win, to allow us time to input your winning details. Only once these details have been processed will you be able to pay and collect your lots.

Can you wrap/package/protect my won lot?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to provide packaging materials such as bubble wrap, carrier bags, or newspaper. All items are sold as seen. We do not have the facilities available to provide packaging of breakables. Please bring your own packaging, bags, or boxes, should you need them.

Can you post my lot?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to post or deliver any lots. We do not have the facilities to do so and we have over 600 lots to catalog and auction…that’s a lot to organise already! We kindly remind all bidders that all won lots must be collected, and if you do opt for delivery then all postal arrangements must be arranged by you, the buyer.

I bid on the wrong item! Can I cancel my bid?

No. All winning bids are final. Items are sold as seen, and it is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure you bid on lots that you are committed to purchase should you win.

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