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To sell your items at Antique & Collectors Corner Auction Ltd you will need to have your items valued, delivered, and any unsold items collected. Here is how it works…


How do I enter my items into auction?

There are several ways you can enter your items into auction depending on your own circumstance. You can either:

    • Bring your items to us, we will value them and assess their suitability for sale
    • Bring clear photos (including measurements) to assess suitability and value
    • Email us with details and attached photos
  • Arrange for one of our valuers to make a house visit if circumstances dictate

When can I send you my items?

Please call us on 01273 933890 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm prior to travelling with your items. Goods are typically accepted from the Thursday after the sale up to the Wednesday prior to the next sale but we will confirm a time and day for valuation with you when you call.

What do I need to bring in addition to my items?

When leaving items with us you will need to provide:

    • Your full name and address
    • Contact numbers
  • Bank account details 

How much is the listing fee?

To sell at auction you will need to pay a £2 listing fee per lot. This fee contributes to the cost of photographing your items, cataloguing your items, listing your auction lots online, and taking customer enquiries about your items on your behalf.

What are the fees on sold items?

The standard fee structure is a commission rate of 15% of the hammer price with VAT payable on the commission only (where applicable). We do not charge for any item which fails to sell.

How do I get paid for sold lots?

All payments of sold lots will be paid to you by direct bank transfer.


The property that you wish to sell will need to be delivered to the saleroom.

I can’t deliver my items in person, what shall I do?

If you are unable to deliver your items personally, we can organise carriage on your behalf at your own cost. This will usually be arranged through our ‘in house’ collection service – please ask for further details and a quotation.

My items have been delivered, what’s next?

The week before the auction you will receive pre-sale advice giving you details of the lots, including lot number, description, estimate and reserve. We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment of sold lots and collection of unsold lots.


What happens if my items do not sell in the first auction?

If your item does not sell in the first auction then it is automatically enrolled into the next auction.

What happens if my items do not sell in the second auction?

If your item does not sell in two consecutive auctions then you have the option to re-list in a further auction. If you wish to re-list then you will need to instruct us on reducing reserves. We reserve the right to decline items that do not sell if we believe they will not be suitable for re-listing.

PLEASE NOTE: If your item does not sell in the second auction and you do not wish to continue the listing, you will need to arrange collection of your items by 4pm on the Friday following the auction. 

Storage fees on unsold and uncollected lots.

Any unsold lots that are not collected by 4pm on the Friday after the auction will be charged a storage fee of £3 per day until the items are collected.

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